New Stuff!

Who doesn’t love new stuff? ¬†I know I certainly do. ūüôā ¬†It’s been a week of new things both activity-wise and stuff wise. ¬†I started golf lessons for the first time this week and also went kayaking for the first time this week. ¬†Kayaking is pretty darn fun but I’m not sure if I like it more than stand up paddle boarding yet. ¬†I have yet to get the board out this summer but it’s early yet. ūüôā

To support said new-found hobbies my super supportive hubby bought me some new starter golf clubs and I also invested (I use the word invested because it makes it sound less frivolous) in some water sandals for kayaking and canoeing this summer.IMG_0612

I’m taking the golf lessons with my two boys which has been really fun. ¬†We’re all learning together! ¬†My husband already plays so he was eager to get the rest of us started. ¬†Turns out golf is super complicated. ¬†So far there just seem to be a lot of rules on how to swing the club and then also game etiquette but I’m enjoying it and think it will be a fun family activity.

I actually tried kayaking as part of a weekly paddle club my friend¬†and I joined that started this week. ¬†It alternates between kayaking, canoeing and paddle boarding every Thursday. ¬†Automatic cross training – yay! ¬†I meant to take some pictures or video of the kayaking but was nervous about the water factor. ¬†I may get braver and bring the go-pro with it’s waterproof armor at some point though.

In other news… here is this week’s video update. ¬†Tonight’s run was AWFUL! ¬†I haven’t had such a bad run in a long time. ¬†The heat and humidity also took a toll but I will be back out there tomorrow. ¬†Marathon training must go on.