Back in Business

Got my groove back this week!  I’ll admit, last week was rough.  Not every week will be spot on or perfect.  What’s important is recovering and jumping back in to keep the momentum going.  That grad paper I put a million hours into last week?  Got it back today – 100%!  Making progress on the new projects at the office.  Husband was out of town the past few days so it was just the kids and I.  No hockey practice the past couple nights (weird) but we’ve been spending time on their homework and piano practicing.  My grad work for this week is about halfway done which is a comfortable place for me on a Thursday.  I was able to get an earlier start to it this week which has made all the difference.

Capture2This week I powered through 3 out of my 4 lifting sessions, 1 HIIT session with my trainer and then 5 miles on the treadmill yesterday.  Another lifting session with HIIT to follow tomorrow and will round out the week with another 5 mile run on Saturday.  Weather is forecasted to be a balmy 32 degrees on Saturday so I may be able to run outside comfortably.  Comfortable running weather in Minnesota in January is such a treat so I plan to make the most of it. 🙂

Strengths of Strength Training

On the road to 26.2 I’ve been advised that strength training cannot be forgotten or saved for something to do later.  I started lifting weights this past May and have (very much to my surprise!) found it to be pretty beneficial.  I am starting to see muscle definition, my metabolism is up and my running speed has actually increased as well!  A year ago I thought strength training was pointless until I had lost every little bit of fat and was super skinny since I didn’t think I’d be able to see any muscle under the fat I still wanted to lose. IMG_0046

So when does one find time to do said weight lifting?  Lunch hour.  Five times a week.  Goes something like this: 5 minute drive to the gym – 5 minutes to change – 30 minutes exercise – 5 minutes to shower – 10 minutes to change/fix hair – 5 minutes to drive back to the office.

One sad little side effect: No matter how much I try to fix the hair it’s never quite right.  So I give it 5 minutes and then it is what it is, whatever that is.  And what it is is usually a mess.  A couple co-workers say they can tell when I’ve been to the gym by my hair (thank goodness not by smell!).  Small price to pay but the health and strength benefits are well worth it. 🙂

Hit a PR on my straight leg deadlift today.  40 pounds!  Not a lot in comparison to some but it took me a while to work up to that.  Feeling good about my progress and happy to be back to the normal routine after the holidays.