Race Recap: Lebanon 10K Trail Race (with video)

The Lebanon 10K trail race is one of five races in the Endless Summer Trail Run Series (ESTRS) hosted by Twin Cities Running Company and Rocksteady Running.

Looking back and reviewing my thoughts on this race I realized that it gave me a lot of firsts for one little 10K run.

  1. This was my first race where it rained through the entire event.
  2. First race I’ve ever gone to completely solo.  Drove there myself.  Check in and packet pickup on my own.  Started running alone.  After party of one.  Drove home by myself.  There are pros and cons to this.  I had the freedom to do things on at my own pace and didn’t worry about where anyone else was or how to meet up or any of those coordination items.  That said, it was super lonely!  I don’t think I would go it alone again if I could avoid it.  The after party was especially lonely.  It was a great event with pizza and beer and I just didn’t have anyone to share it with and recount the race with.
  3. Not my first trail race but it was my first trail 10K!
  4. First 10K that was a 3 mile loop twice.
  5. First race on a Tuesday evening after work.
  6. First race while recording with a GoPro.

The night before was a Monday evening.  I packed everything I would need into my gym bag instead of laying it out as I would for other races simply because the race was after work and not my first item of the day.  I also knew it would probably be rainy so I brought my rain jacket, a plastic sandwich bag for my phone and a towel for after the race.

After work on Tuesday I drove over to Lebanon Hills Regional Park and parked in the overflow lot.  Check in was IMG_0376seamless.  I gave the volunteers my name and bib # and was good to go.  Race registration also included glassware from Solomon.  Since my car was at the overflow lot, it was raining, and I didn’t have anyone with me to hold my stuff I hid my glass by one of the picnic tables.  Felt very sneaky for doing this but it worked out fine and was waiting for me when I finished.

I have to give race directors a shout out for starting on time.  And I mean really on time.  Super punctual.  The race was scheduled to start at 6:30 and we started exactly at 6:30 pm.

The race started on asphalt and quickly progressed into the trail through the woods.  It had been raining for 4 days in the Minneapolis area prior to Tuesday.  The mud was out of control and it was very difficult to not slip and fall.  Great workout but made for some slow running.IMG_0386

The first 3 miles felt like they flew by.  I had turned off the voice notifications on my Map My Run app to avoid bothering anyone and I didn’t notice any mile markers.  If they were there, I didn’t see them.  The whole time I didn’t know how far I was which I think made the time seem to go by faster.  Aid station was great (back at the start/finish) with water, gels, and really supportive volunteers cheering.  The second loop felt like it went by more slowly.  I think this was because I knew I was repeating everything I had just run through, I was more tired, and more soaked by then.  (Disclaimer: It wasn’t pouring, just a heavy mist/drizzle.  If it had been an outright downpour I might not have stuck it out!)  The park trail was beautiful despite the weather.  Picture lots of green foliage with wood bridges throughout.

I finished in little under an hour and 17 minutes.  Not too shabby for me considering the muddy trail and rain!  It was a great workout and I am proud of my time.IMG_0385

Afterwards there was pizza and beer.  Pizza and lemonade for me since I was driving myself home.  I have to say though, it tasted like the best meal ever after running in the rain for an hour!  This was a very well organized race and I truly enjoyed myself.  The volunteers were so nice, helpful, and encouraging.  I would absolutely run another ESTRS race again.  Next time though, I’m bringing some friends! ūüôā


Fueled by Birthday Cake (with video)

Wow, it’s been a crazy busy week. ¬†Work has been super nuts and we’ve had family in town with a couple of birthday parties, one being for my son who just turned 7. ¬†So much fun though! ¬†It can be a challenge though to train for a marathon around life obligations. ¬†That said, where there’s a will there’s a way. ¬†Plus it’s also helpful when family is supportive. ūüôā ¬†I was able to stick to my training plan and get a run in on Saturday. ¬†It also worked out that Saturday’s normal long run was actually only about a half hour this week.

I left the house Saturday’s run thinking I would be extra sluggish after eating bagels, pizza, sandwiches IMG_0362and birthday cake all day. ¬†It was after my son’s party. ¬†It was getting dark and it was rainy. ¬†It was just IMG_0355one of those I-don’t-feel-like-doing-this-but-know-I-need-to runs. ¬†I laced up, grabbed a rain jacket and got out there. ¬†The 5 minute warm up was tedious but I did feel better to be out in the fresh air. ¬†Once I hit the faster part of the workout though I felt surprisingly strong and was able to finish the rest of the workout at the required pace without even feeling tired or exhausted at the end. ¬†Not every run is one of those runs where I feel amazing and like I’m nailing it so I’ve grown to appreciate those days where everything just seems to work out. ūüôā

I also published this week’s video blog on YouTube! ¬†Enjoy!

Marathon Training Recap – Week 1 (with video)

Yay! ¬†First week of marathon training is done! ¬†Video recap below. ūüôā

This week’s workouts were really tough. ¬†I had to push out my usual Thursday run to Friday which put some difficult speed work (for me) the day before my long run. ¬†I will try to avoid that in the future and give myself the rest day between. ¬†Those back to back runs were just a struggle.

Here’s what next week looks like.

training week 2


In other news, I took a break off of dieting. ¬†It’s just been one of those crazy hectic weeks and I didn’t feel like logging anything which isn’t like me. ¬†I’m not eating badly, just not counting every little thing. ūüôā ¬†Do you ever have one of those days? ¬†Or weeks?


Also, saw some geese yesterday on my long run.  Cute!


Having it All vs. Doing it All

I’ve never no-showed a race. ¬†In fact, I rarely ever no-show anything at all. ¬†If I say I will do something, I do it. ¬†If I say I will be somewhere, I’m there. ¬†If I register for it, I show up and run. ¬†Until this weekend. ¬†A few months ago I registered for the Get in Gear 10k. ¬†Later my husband let me know that our 8 year old would have a hockey tournament – we just didn’t know what time of day. ¬†A couple weeks ago, in looking at my training plan realized that it called for an 8 mile run that day. ¬†It doesn’t take a genius to realize that 6 miles is not quite 8 miles. ¬†I decided to change my distance for Get in Gear to the half marathon. ¬†A few days ago we found out my son had two big tournament games the day of Get in Gear (yesterday). ¬†One at 8:15 am and another at 1:15 pm. ¬†The race was scheduled for 9:00 am. ¬†No way to do both. ¬†I would be lying if I said I didn’t even consider skipping the hockey tournament. ¬†It was extremely tempting. ¬†I really enjoy race days, they are the best. ¬†Sitting in a cold ice arena for hours is not always super fun. ¬†It crossed my mind but in the end I knew I needed to be there for him. ¬†When there’s a conflict – the Mom card trumps all. ¬†I got my first Did Not Start (or DNS in the running world). ¬†Kind of a bummer but I don’t regret it. ¬†I didn’t skip it because I forgot or slept late or was feeling lazy. ¬†I skipped it because my guy needed me. ¬†And he did. ¬†The first game of the tournament was a shut out, 0 to 10. ¬†The second was another loss at 1 to 10. ¬†He was super disapointed and I would have felt even worse if I hadn’t been there to give hugs and encouragement.


Sometimes having it all doesn’t mean doing it all. ¬†Sometimes the kitchen doesn’t get cleaned. ¬†Sometimes that last minute email gets answered the next day. ¬†Sometimes grad homework is turned in at the last minute (like this week!). ¬†And sometimes a DNS happens. ¬†That’s life as a parent. ¬†We sacrifice our own wants for our kids’ well being and happiness and it’s okay (and encouraged!) to give ourselves room to do that guilt free.

But it doesn’t have to be a total sacrifice. ¬†I skipped the race and am very glad I did. ¬†I gave up the half marathon but didn’t give up my training. ¬†It would have been easy to just say ‘oh well, that’s that, wasn’t meant to be’. ¬†But I still had those 8 miles on my training 8 mile trail trainingplan so I cranked out them out on some trials. ¬†(This trail stuff is growing on me although we ran into several harmless but startling snakes which I didn’t appreciate.) ¬†Had a great workout with a good friend in spite of the scheduling issues.

Sidebar: Looking for some feedback! ¬†I have been watching YouTube videos lately for running, workout and training tips. ¬†Playing around with the idea of doing some video blogging of my own. ¬†Thoughts? ¬†Good idea? ¬†Silly idea? ¬†Have you tried it or have any tips? ¬†Would welcome any comments. ūüôā

The Art of Not Freaking Out

I was blissfully going about my day yesterday when an email popped into my inbox. ¬†This was the subject: “Welcome to the 2015 Zumbro Endurance Run”. ¬†I immediately felt nauseous, sweaty and shaky. ¬†I hadn’t forgotten about the¬†race I registered for months ago. ¬†Far from it. ¬†I had been purposely not thinking about it (there’s a big difference). ¬†Here’s what enters my brain every time I think about this race.

I’m¬†in over my head.
I’m not this kind of runner.
I’ve never completed¬†a trail race or run of any distance.
I’ve never completed a run or race of this distance.
I’m estimating it will take me about 4.5-5 hours. ¬†I’ve never exercised for that long. ¬†Ever.
And I don’t like mud.

And then¬†there’s my distance¬†running history to nag me as well:¬†Here is how I’ve felt after my previous half marathons.
2013 Sioux Falls Half: I thought I was going to die. I honestly couldn’t believe I finished it. I cried in my husbands arms when it was over. ¬†I was incredibly sore the rest of the day and for two days following.
2014 Sioux Falls Half: Ran fast and hard the whole way, set a PR 17 minutes faster than the same race last year. ¬†Legs and lungs¬†felt great but my feet were killing me. ¬†I don’t think I could have taken another step solely (see what I did there?) due to foot pain.
2014 Monster Dash Half: Went out too fast.  Wound up taking walk breaks around mile 11.  Legs were just dog tired.  Finished 3 minutes slower than my PR the month before.
12.5 Mile Training Run (three weeks ago): Almost didn’t finish it. ¬†I was just really tired. ¬†No excuse either, ran the whole thing slow and easy.

I can’t imaging running another 4 miles (for me that’s 40-60 minutes) after any one of these.

I hate feeling anxious. ¬†Anxiety just feels like poison coursing through my system and I won’t put myself through that for the next 4 days. ¬†Since it’s this Saturday, I know not thinking about it is no longer an option.¬†So I have two choices: 1.) Drop out and just decide to rain check until I feel more ready. Or 2.)¬†Get over myself and find a way to not freak out about this for the next 4 days.

Well, I don’t quit.

Time for option 2.

Positive thoughts for consideration: 
My training has been solid the past couple months. ¬†I have been running.¬† I’ve been running a lot. ¬†I have in fact focused only¬†on running and dropped the strength training completely (on Dr.’s orders). ¬†Usually that has bummed me out but right now it’s my beacon of hope.

It’s fun to run somewhere new.

I will set a PR (for distance) no matter what, because I don’t quit (see above). ¬†Even if I wind up walking/hiking most of it, it will be the farthest I’ve ever traveled on foot.

Most importantly, this is not the race. ¬†It is a race. ¬†This is a fun way to train on the way to the race. ¬†I can’t get too hung up on races that are not my¬†ultimate goal. ¬†My goal is to finish the marathon in October. ¬†And I know when I’m 4 days out from that thing, anxiety will be back in a very big way. At¬†that point I will¬†be able to¬†remind myself how well I did on a little 17 mile trail race back in April. ūüôā

Training Plan #57

Guess what kids? ¬†I have a new training plan! ¬†Shocked? ¬†You really shouldn’t be. ¬†I change my mind on my training every 10 seconds. ¬†When it comes to picking a plan I have the attention span of a 3 year old.

What happened to Simply Shredded and 20 miles a week? ¬†I will spare you the details (because they are boring) but in a nutshell, no strength training (not even body weight training) on Dr.’s orders until mid April. ¬†Definitely cuts out the dead lift, bench press and barbell squat in Simply Shredded. ¬†Also, as it turns out 20 miles is a lot to squash into my schedule each week.


I have been wanting to run this route for over a year and finally did it! Victory!

And thus, a new training plan is born. ūüôā ¬†Since I can’t do any strength at the moment, I have the opportunity to focus on my running. ¬†Last week I ran sprint intervals a couple times, did some cross training on the bike and topped it off with a 12.5 mile run from my house to work¬†with a friend on Saturday.

My BRF just started using a new app called Gipis so of course I had to check it out. ¬†I really like that it gives you an estimated race time and shows how you can improve. ¬†It is super customized to you and your goals. ¬†It adds a good combination of easy runs and speed work. ¬†So I’m going to try the Gipis, spruce it up with a little cross training and some hypothetical strength training days (for later). ¬†And there you have it, my latest and greatest.Capture

Monday: run & strength
Tuesday: run
Wednesday: cross training & strength
Thursday: run
Friday: REST
Saturday: long run
Sunday: cross training

I’d like to say that this is *the* training plan that will support me all the way to marathon day. ¬†But let’s be honest folks, it probably isn’t. ¬†I know I will probably “upgrade” to something newer, better, shinier, fancier. ¬†The good news is, I’m still learning what works for me, I’m still getting stronger and faster.

And I’m not stopping. ¬†Ever.

And… We’re Back

Back in school, that is. ¬†With a full time job, a house full of active hockey players and running/fitness aspirations, I’ve been taking my Ph.D. studies at a relatively leisurely pace. ¬†One class at a time. Usually with 2 or 3 week breaks in between. ¬†I’ve taken two 3 month breaks for the past two summers to focus on the kids’ sports, the race season, and mental sanity. ¬†That’s unfortunately not an option this Spring/Summer and the way things shake down I’m on just 1 week breaks between classes until sometime early November.

Last week was that one, short week off. ¬†Last month I took a brief glance at the required textbooks for this class that has started this week. ¬†One was the beloved APA manual. Got it, no worries. ¬†Two other books were used in another course – done, no big deal. ¬†The third was new to me so I ordered it. ¬†Done and done. ¬†Logged into my course yesterday to glance at the syllabus, read the instructor welcome, yada yada – essentially giving myself “class 1”.

Today I decided to gather all the books together and start going through the week’s material. ¬†I busted open the box from Chegg (should have done that a couple weeks ago). ¬†The used book is falling apart but at least I have it. ¬†APA manual, have it but probably don’t need it. ¬†(Most of that stuff is available on the internet and I’ve been writing with APA for so long I could do it in my sleep.) ¬†Where are my Tochim and Creswell texts? ¬†Searched all over and wouldn’t you know it? ¬†These two happen to be the only two books I’ve ever borrowed and returned from Chegg.com prior to this course. ¬†A quick check on my Chegg order history confirms what I was dreading. ¬†I have never, ever, ever returned or sold a book before these two. ¬†Not for my undergrad. ¬†Not for my masters. ¬†$200.00 and 15 minutes later, one text is on it’s way rush shipped to me and the other is loaded on my kindle. ¬†Thank you technology.

The lesson here kids? DO. NOT. GET. RID. OF. YOUR. TEXTBOOKS!!!  Like, ever.

Lol Amazon.com - No.  I will not be buying this book for a third time.  Nice try though.

Lol Amazon.com – No. I will not be buying this book for a third time. Nice try though.

While it is tempting to sit here and continue to blog and research the latest and greatest running tips I will get started on my homework and do what I can. ¬†Working in the education industry as instructor and administrator, one of the most frustrating excuses a student can give is “I don’t have my textbooks for X reason, so I didn’t do the work”. ¬†I’m not that student. ¬†That’s not how I roll. ¬†My rushed book (which is the majority of this week’s reading) will be here Thursday. ¬†In the meantime there is plenty else I can do to get started and enlighten myself on the intensely interesting and gripping subject that is quantitative research design.

“3 Walkers, 1 Runner”

As I’m recovering from my ego blow from the Hot Dash last week¬†and trying to ramp up for this 17 mile trail race in April, I set out for a 10 mile training run today. ¬†I left my house doubtful of my ability and still thinking about last week and wondering if I’d even be able to put up 10 more miles today. ¬†As I headed into the park about a half a mile from my house, a woman was pushing her two small children in a double stroller. ¬†I could hear her narrating things they were looking at on the trail. ¬†As I passed she said “Oh look, a runner! ¬†That makes 3 walkers, 1 runner, kids”. ¬†We both smiled and waved.


It’s amazing what a small phrase can do. ¬†I don’t think she has any idea how her words¬†powered me through the rest of my workout. ¬†Mile 3 when a side stitch kicked in “1 runner”, mile 6 when I was bored “1 runner”, mile 8 when my blister returned “1 runner”. ¬†I am not fast by any means but I did finish the 10 miles I planned on today. ¬†I listened to myself and my current ability and kept it slow. ¬†I felt way better than I did last week. ¬†The weather was great and I even discovered some new trails in my home town.

In other news: I got my grade back for my finance course – A! ¬†I haven’t worked so hard for a grade in a long time. ¬†Feeling pretty happy about that one. ¬†I’ve had this past week off of school but it’s back to the grad school grind next week. ūüôā

wpid-wp-1426362125201.jpegRight now though? ¬†It’s¬†burrito time.

Hot Dash or Hot Mess?

Let’s just say yesterday’s race, the 10 mile inaugural Hot Dash in Minneapolis was less than hot. ¬†Here’s a recap of my experience, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the uglier.

I went into this race with the mind set that “it’s 10 miles, I’ve run farther before, no big deal”. ¬†My last race was a half marathon at the end of October ’14. ¬†I figured I’d done a good job maintaining my running stamina by running 2-5 miles, 2-3 times a week on the treadmill. ¬†This was my first mistake.

Woke up on race day, showered, got my gear in order, inhaled a bagel and some water. ¬†As I turned the knob to leave for my car a thought crossed my mind: “Oh shoot, forgot the body glide. No worries, I’ve got my good socks.” Skipped it and left the house. ¬†Mistake number two.

Picked up my friend and we drove down to the cities. ¬†Found a great parking spot (we were an hour and a half early) and chilled in the car for a while. ¬†We headed down to the start with plenty of time to use the porta-potties and get set in the coral. ¬†National anthem, then we were off – exactly at 9:00 am. ¬†(Gotta hand it to Twin Cities in Motion. ¬†Every race of theirs I’ve run has been perfectly punctual.)

At the start line!

At the start line!

Mile 1: Was feeling great but went out too fast for my current fitness level after a winter of short treadmill runs.

Mile 2: Realized I went out too fast and tried to pull back.

Mile 3: Still trying to recover from my initial burst of energy, my Spotify is interrupted and my playlist starts going haywire. ¬†This has happened before – I realize my 8 year old is on our same account trying to play music. ¬†I try texting and calling him but he won’t answer. ¬†I call my husband but my 6 year old answers. ¬†I tell him to tell his Dad to check his phone to get our 8 year old off the darn Spotify account. ¬†Finally the competition for the music ends. ¬†(I find out later it was actually my 6 year old who was on it.) ¬†This whole ordeal slowed me down, I had jogged slowly trying to figure it out, walked some.

Mile 4: Get myself regrouped, pace is back up – enter, the side stitch!

Mile 5 & 6: Just plodding along as best I can.  Wound up taking way more walk breaks than I usually would.

Mile 7: Blister on the left foot, keep on jogging.

Mile 8: Taking even more walk breaks now due to blister.  Get some semi-urgent work texts, so I answer those and some work emails.

Mile 8.5: Hubby texting me that he can see my progress on MapMyRun and is virtually cheering me on Рso thankful for that!  Kicked it up and tried my best to get my pace up.

Mile 9.5: Blister is killing me now, start running with a limp just tapping my left toe which causes an increased strain on that calf.

Finish: As I’m rounding the corner to the finish I see about 5 people who Hot dash(somehow) look¬†to be in worse shape than I am. ¬†I figure I can just sprint and at least have passed a couple. ¬†As I’m running like my life depended on it my overused calf collapses. ¬†That’s the best word I have for it. ¬†It just quit working. ¬†I thought I was actually going to face plant across the finish line. ¬†But I didn’t, I finished strong and was never more happy for a race to be over.

My slowest race pace in a really long time.  Later at home I showered, I cried, I slept.  Then I got over myself.

Whenever I’ve made a mistake, my grandmother has asked me one question: “Did you learn something?” ¬†The answer is yes. ¬†I learned many things along this 10 mile course.

  1. Don’t go out too fast! ¬†I say I won’t every time but the race excitement always gets the better of me. ¬†Need to work on that.
  2. Don’t take a significant distance for granted. ¬†Next time I’ll train better.
  3. For goodness sake, DO the body glide!  It takes literally less than a minute!
  4. Be more flexible.  I should have just switched to a different music app or gone without.  I let that slip up mess with my mojo way more than it should have.

Enough of that. ¬†There were some great things about yesterday too. ¬†Had a lot of fun with with my running buddy before and after the race. ¬†The race itself was really well organized – plenty of porta-potties, water stops, parking. ¬†The course was relatively flat (I cannot tell you how grateful for that I was!). ¬†It wasn’t too crowded. ¬†Post race snacks were really amazing: (fresh!) bananas, large water bottles, chips, bread, nut roll, “dash hash”, beer. ¬†The after-party village area was also pretty great: fire pits to warm up and a contest for the best runner in lumber jack costume.

I did run 10 miles.  I did finish the race.  I learned some valuable lessons.

Today I ran 2 more miles, just to prove I could.wpid-wp-1425841333174.png

My next race is a 17 mile trail run. ¬†I’ve never run more than 13.1 miles. ¬†I’ve never run¬†a trail race. ¬†I have a month to take what I’ve learned and get ready for this thing. ¬†Here we go!

1,000 Days of MyFitnessPal

Crazy milestone. ¬†I’ve logged into myfitnesspal.com (MFP) every single day for the past 1,000 days. ¬†I’m not sure if that’s dedication or insanity but there it is. ¬†Here are some things I’ve learned through my experiences the past 1,000 days.


Before MFP in March 2012

Let’s first paint the picture: ¬†Rewind to June 2012. ¬†I had previously tried tracking calories using SparkPeople.com with little success. ¬†I would use it, not use it, use it, not use it – you get the idea. ¬†I was visiting my sisters in Virginia when my youngest sister suggested myfitnesspal.com. ¬†She said her (now) husband started her on it and liked the

My first day logged on MFP.

June 3rd – My first day logged on MFP.

usability. ¬†At first I was a bit skeptical since I already had SparkPeople but figured I’d check it out. ¬†Loved it. ¬†When I found out there was a streak counter for days logged in, one thought came to mind “oh it’s on like Donkey Kong!”. ¬†I’ve logged in every day since. ¬†When I first started using the app I wasn’t very active. ¬†I hated working out and just figured if I ate less I didn’t have to exercise. ¬†I was a busy mom, chasing my kids, playing with them in the yard etc. and figured that was enough. ¬†Looking at my diet now, I ate pretty poorly back then. ¬†Lots of pizza, convenience foods (think EZ cheese, pop tarts, mountains of girl scout cookies). ¬†Whatever was easy and whatever I wanted.

I started using the app to just see what I was eating. ¬†From there I started slowly reducing my calories and did my best to stay within about 1,200 daily since that was what MFP recommended for my height. ¬†It wasn’t easy and I often had “cheat” days where I didn’t feel like logging all my food. ¬†But I did continue to log in. ¬†Every. Single. Day.

January or February of 2013 I realized I needed to start exercising. ¬†I realized I liked the MFP app so much I might as well see if there is anything that rewards consistent exercise the same way. ¬†Enter Nexercise. ¬†I don’t use this app anymore but I can’t tell you how big of a part this app played in my journey to health and wellness. ¬†You get virtual badges for doing different kinds of activities or more minutes of an activity. ¬†It counts everything from house cleaning to badminton to swimming. ¬†It even listed specific brand exercises like those found on BeachBody.com. ¬†There were weekly points where you could compete with strangers or your friends. ¬†And boy did I! ¬†I told myself that it didn’t matter what exercise I did, I needed to do something every day. ¬†And I did. ¬†And I discovered a whole world of new activities I love. ¬†I jumped rope, I logged seemingly endless hours¬†on the elliptical, I played baseball with my kids, I did yoga, I walked (I walked a lot), I biked, I took fitness classes for the first time in my life. ¬†I was so excited to see my Nexercise steak continue and rack up the points. ¬†I also noticed that MFP gave you extra calories for eating with all of this activity. ¬†Now we’re talking. ūüôā ¬†I started logging my food more consistently.


First 5K – May 10th, 2013

Enter (my now very best running) friend. ¬†I saw on her Facebook page that she had registered for a night time glowed up 5k. ¬†It looked super cool. ¬†She invited me to come. ¬†My thought was I could never run for 3 miles. ¬†She was super encouraging and said it was okay to walk and some of the others who were going would be walking too. ¬†I remember this vividly: I was at a hotel in Wichita Kansas for work and wanted to see if I¬†could do it. ¬†I got on the hotel treadmill and huffed and puffed for about 46 minutes. ¬†I walked, I jogged, walked some more, cursed a little. ¬†But I survived 3 miles. ¬†I registered for the race that night. ¬†I kept up with my other activities but didn’t really train for the 5k. ¬†When race day came around I some how ran¬†(okay, slowly jogged) the whole darn thing. ¬†I was on such a high, within the week I was asking her when we could do another race. ¬†I was hooked. ¬†I registered for a 10K, but knew I needed a training plan. ¬†I completed every day of the couch to 10K program sometime during that Summer in preparation for the race at the end of August. ¬†In total I ran 9 races in 2013, including my first half marathon.

With my boys after finishing my second 1/2 marathon - September 2014.

With my boys after finishing my second 1/2 marathon – September 2014.

I kept up with running and eventually didn’t need Nexercise anymore to motivate me to exercise. ¬†I continued to log everything into MyFitnessPal. ¬†I took a couple months off in Winter for a surgery but jumped back in with my first race of 2014 in March. ¬†Eventually after much research I realized I need to start strength training. ¬†I discovered that endless Capture2hours of cardio are not going to get me to where I want to be in regards to my physique, strength and endurance goals. ¬†In May I began the ChaLean Extreme program from BeachBody but abandoned it after about a month when I joined LA Fitness and started working with a trainer instead. ¬†My sister also helped me get started with eating IIFYM-style after I saw her using it with great results. ¬†Increased calories to support my fitness was great. ¬†Additional muscles and strength were also an added bonus. ¬†I kept running. ¬†I racked up a total of 467 miles in 2014 and finished 20 races. I continued to log into MFP.

January 2015

January 2015

MFP has changed my life in a gradual yet wonderful way. ¬†I wake up, I shut off the alarm, I log in. ¬†Every day. ¬†I’m the most in shape I’ve ever been in my life. ¬†I love trying new things and being active with my family. ¬†I have discovered a love of racing and am excited to start training for my first marathon in June.

And that, my friends, is how I’ve spent my first 1,000 days on MyFitnessPal.