Maintenance Magic: Gaining and Losing Weight

mfp 7.9For years I’ve been a die hard fan.  I have logged in consecutively for 1129 days now.  Through all of that logging I’ve maintained my weight between 130 and 140 lbs.  But I desperately need a break from counting every little crumb.  So I took one.  I didn’t track any nutrition during the months of May or June.  However, this little break combined with some hefty 4th of July holiday eating spiked my weight from 130 lbs to 137.  I have dreamed for years of getting back to 125 but have learned that look and feel do not always accompany the number on the scale.  That said, my 5’2″ frame is not very comfortable wearing 137 pounds and what goes up must come down.  That’s right ladies and gentlemen, it’s diet time.   I’ve also been wanting to chase this elusive “race weight” people talk about.  That amazing body composition that makes you feel lighter and faster.  Usually when I diet at all I lose some weight but inevitably feel tired and sluggish from the reduced calories and my running performance suffers.  I gain weight and feel bloated and slow.  There has to be a happy medium, but getting there is obviously the tricky part.  I haven’t seen much affect of my weight on my running but that could also be because my weight hasn’t fluctuated outside of these 10 lbs.mfp 2 7.9

Since Monday when I stepped on the scale at 137 lbs I’ve cut back on calories, sodas, and starchy carbs.  I’ve lost about 5 lbs in 3 days.  I know my body well enough though to know that the initial loss is mostly water weight from all of the unhealthy treats I had during the holiday weekend.  Just need to keep at it!  What’s interesting is a few years ago when I started all of this, all I wanted was to lose weight.  Now losing weight is much lower on my list of health and fitness priorities and I know that will be the challenge for me.  I need to find ways to prioritize healthy eating.

What has been your experience with weight loss?  

Do you have a “race weight”?