Are there Benefits to Lazy Running?

Getting over this most recent (and honestly very minor) injury, I went out for a 4 mile run this morning.  I started off with what I thought was really good effort.  When I run I mostly think about running.  I watch my pace, I think about my posture, my foot strike, my balance, my cadence, my breathing etc.  The entire workout is a constant physical and mental effort to produce the most quality run I possibly can.

But not today.

After 2 miles of constantly monitoring every breath and foot fall, I was honestly just so tired of it all.

I just wanted to run.  So I did.  I just ran.

I was appalled by my heavy feet and swinging arms but I just didn’t care.  I just didn’t have the energy today.  I bargained with myself that I would just let myself run however I wanted to just this one time, to relax and just make it home.  I promised myself I would put in a better effort next time.

I paid attention to what happened next, but had given up on trying to control it.  My light and skippy, forefoot strike transformed into a very solid mid-foot strike and I gained an exaggerated (for me) oblique twist.  The last little bit of residual pain in my left leg completely dissolved.  And I watched my Garmin in awe as my pace naturally and seemingly effortlessly went from a 13 minute mile to a 10:30 minute mile.

With only 2 miles of this, I’m not sure if I’m onto something or if it’s a total fluke.  But I do know that it felt good.  Really good.



2 thoughts on “Are there Benefits to Lazy Running?

  1. That’s the way it is suppose to be every time. I think you are on to something. If you were running a 5 min mile you would naturally be running on your forefoot. But to be running on your forefoot at 13 min mile is just masochistic. Running in a relaxed smooth rhythm is not lazy. Keep running and stop thinking so much and it will be fun again.

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