The Super Soggy Sixteen Miler

What’s fun about running 16 miles when the first five are through a cold rain?  You might think not much but when we look for it, we can find the sunshine in just about anything.  Even what I’m calling the Super Soggy Sixteen Miler.


Wet and rainy view from this Saturday’s long run.

I spent most of last week not allowing myself to recall past difficult 16 milers (see Race Recap: Zumbro 17 Mile Trail Race and Marathon Training is Hard).  Or the fact that I’ve had issues spring up including “the injury” and now this pneumonia right around the 16 mile training run.  It would have been very easy to allow myself to start thinking some really negative thoughts such as “I’m not meant to do this”, “the universe doesn’t want me to do this”, “my body’s not cut out to be a marathoner”, etc.  Every time I would start to think those things I would purposely stop myself and remember that it’s just about a half marathon followed by a 5K.  Piece of cake right?IMG_3003

The first few miles were cloudy with mist.  Not lovely but not bad either.  And then at about mile 3 the heavens opened up and the real rain came out until about mile 5.  Two miles of rain is enough to get seriously wet.  I felt like a swamp monster for the remaining 11 miles.  But that was IT!  That was really the only problem with this run.  Just the sheer discomfort of running in wet clothes.  No injuries, and I finished the planned distance.  My feet were a little more raw than they might have been from the wet shoes but I’m hoping that will turn into better callouses.  (A girl can dream right?)

On to 18 or 20 and beyond from here.  It’s about to get fun.  Trying to find new routes and ways to keep it interesting.  Look out Delaware Marathon.  I have 6 weeks.  And I’m coming for you.



2 thoughts on “The Super Soggy Sixteen Miler

  1. Well done Bethany! You’re upbeat attitude is a credit to “Minnesota nice”! I ran Delaware in 2009. If they haven’t changed the course a little hill training is in order. There was a bit of a climb after leaving the creek by the zoo ( Mile 6-ish) and since it was two loops of a half mary course I got to visit it twice! Be sure to leave time to visit Winterthur and Longwood Gardens. When I ran Delaware it rained so your run weather was familiar. Best of luck!

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    • Thanks James! Yes I’m familiar with that hill and noticed it right away when looking at the course. Lol. I grew up in Delaware and it will be nice to go back. Winterthur and Longwood are some of my favorite old stomping grounds actually! Nice to know someone who has run the course before. I am nervous about that loop though. I’m afraid it will be really tempting to be done at the 13.1! Thanks for all the tips! 🙂


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