More Races! More Running!

New Race!
Things just keep getting better!  This week I registered for the New Orleans Rock and Roll half marathon with my BRF in February.  We really enjoyed the Rock and Roll Chicago half marathon earlier this year and am super pumped for this next one!  I’ve never been to New Orleans so it will be an adventure to check out a new city too.  It’s also nice to be feeling well enough to feel like a half marathon in February will actually be possible. 🙂

Ankle Stuff!
The ankle is actually mostly feeling better lately.  I would give it a solid 97%!  I’ve started using alternating head and ice in the evenings which seems to be helping.  And I’ve only needed the ibuprofen a few times this last week.


Pic from yesterday’s run. Who doesn’t love Fall!?

Running Stuff!
Last week I really focused on building a post run recovery routine.  I make sure to do some calf stretches while taking in some extra fluids.  This seems to be helping the ankle as well.  I’m trying to build in healthy habits to reduce risk of injury as my workouts build in intensity.  And they have been!  I’ve been working with my coach and the workouts have been gradually increasing steadily each week.  The progress is really encouraging and it’s so nice to get out while the weather is still beautiful.


My super sister in law helped me with this healthy protein pumpkin muffin recipe – thanks lady!

Recipes & Losing Weight!
I’ve also been working on trying new recipes and finding healthy ways to enjoy Fall favorites while dieting.  I have been trying to lose a few lbs and realize that pumpkin spice lattes every day won’t get me there. 🙂

And if you’re interested, here is this week’s update on YouTube. 🙂


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