Marathon Training is Hard

News flash!  Marathon training is hard!  This week has been especially difficult because I haven’t done anything.  One might think that a week off of running would feel good after so much running.  Far from it.  I have been loving the increase in mileage and miss it very much.  I’ve had to take the week off due to an ankle injury.  Specifically peroneal tendonitis.  My friend Scott explains it well here:

In talking with my orthopedic surgeon, this happened from the combination of increasing my mileage and also changing my form.  I had been a solid mid foot runner until late last November when I did some research, read some books and figured fore foot running was the new awesomesauce and so I need to do it.  I completely changed my form and specifically my foot fall.  This was okay for the first few months but now that I’m running higher mileage it’s impacting me in a negative way.  So the new focus is now rehabbing this ankle injury, getting back into shoes that I know work (hello Asics!) and getting comfortable with my comfort zone which is the mid foot running again.

I honestly thought marathon training was going to be difficult due to just the sheer volume of extra miles and time on the road.  I was not anticipating any injury (I’m lucky to be a pretty healthy person).  I was also not anticipating the need to find this special combination of things that work.  And there is a LOT of experimentation that goes in to this.  Nutrition, shoes, hydration, socks, speed, form, the list goes on.

And, Summer is almost over.  I decided I wanted to run this marathon last October.  I’ve been working on and dreaming of this for a year.  I still need to get this ankle functioning again, find the perfect combination of everything, and finish building up my mileage.

6 weeks.  I can do this.  Right?


2 thoughts on “Marathon Training is Hard

  1. Holy cow – I haven’t even figured out how to put videos in my blog like that –
    heck – i was just starting to experiment with the midfoot strike. I’ve watched some videos on all that lately. It kinda seems like the forefoot strike might be more of a sprinter thing. but it is an interesting piece of new data regarding your injury. I’ll have to mull that over in my brain a bit. I hope the training is still going well. I spent about 23 hours driving over this past weekend to get in those last two halfs (along w/ a family visit) and that response to you was the last thing I’d done on my laptop until I got back home so i’m still catching up on everyone’s VEDA VLOGs 🙂 I think i’m going to do that refrigerator one tomorrow since I have so little in my fridge it should be quick & easy 😀

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  2. That is a lot of driving! Welcome “back”. 🙂 There are a lot of videos I need to catch up on myself. I’ve noticed I have maybe 5 or 6 favorites and I gravitate towards watching those. Yours is one of them though so get to it! 😉

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