And Then it Hit Me… Literally

Well, it’s been a weird day.

A really weird day.  Forgot my gym bag – weird.  Had a doughnut for breakfast – weird.  Was in a car accident (everyone’s okay) – weirder.  Saw an albino squirrel – weirder still.

Because it’s been a weird day, let me recap with a weird-for-this-blog style of writing.  Who doesn’t like a short story, fiction style?


Beth stamped approval on the last file for the day, stacked her papers neatly, snapped her laptop shut and tucked it neatly into her rolling briefcase.  She clicked the light off and locked her door.  It was Friday and had been a long week at the office.  She waved goodbye to her co-workers with a “have a nice weekend!”.

In her car, she turned on her latest audio book and pulled out of the parking lot.  Her nine year old son would already be at a sleepover party tonight but she was excited to go out to eat with her husband Lou and younger son Cam, who had just turned 7 last month.  He had been begging to eat at a Chinese buffet all week and since his brother was at a sleepover she had a feeling her husband would acquiesce, even though he hated buffets.

Beth pulled onto the interstate that lead toward home.  Lou would beat her home today so she wasn’t in a hurry.  Most days she was in a rush to make it to the after school program in time to pick up the boys.  She would normally ride the left lane until the very last moment before switching into the right with an apologetic wave to the car behind her.   But today was different.  She merged into the right hand lane a full 2 miles earlier than absolutely necessary.  After all, the book she was listening to was intriguing and it would be nice to get in a few more minutes anyway.

Shortly after merging into the lane, the car in front of her slammed on the breaks coming to a complete stop.  Beth checked the rear view mirror and noticed the car behind her was definitely not taking the same precautions.  Damn.  She braced herself for what she thought would be a minor bump.  BANG!  There was a violent crash, the car shook and lurched.  This was not the small tap she had expected.  Damn it.  She thought as she turned off her audio book and got out to assess the damage.

Beth was irritated and frustrated.  Was this driver not paying attention?  Why were they so close?  Did they not see everyone was stopping?IMG_0487

The other driver got out of her car as well, a petite blonde at least 10 years younger than Beth… and very much freaking out.  This other driver was clearly shaken.  “I’m so sorry, I’ve never done this before, I don’t know what to do” the other driver repeated several times.

Oh for heaven’s sake, thought Beth.  Her long week, just been hit by a stranger irritation and anger dissolved.  Beth asked if the girl was alright – she was.  Beth explained the process and called the police for the accident report.  They exchanged insurance information and Beth suggested they wait in their cars for the officer to arrive to stay out of the road.  Beth sat in her car and texted Lou she would be a bit late.  “Do you need me to come over there?” he had texted back.  “No, I’m fine.  Car is drive-able and everyone is okay.”

As Beth sat in her car she realized she didn’t know when she had turned into the responsible grown up.  She had a flash back and remembered running a red light at age 17 and completely losing it.  She had been beside herself blubbering and crying.  She remembered she couldn’t figure out how to use the payphone at a nearby diner to even call her parents let alone the authorities.  When had she turned into the calm collected adult who knows how to handle this stuff?  At some point between 17 and 32 she’d acquired the ability to rationally handle a fender bender.  It’s not one of those skills you take a class on, go to school for, or read about.  It just sort of sneaks up on you.  She realized it’s nice when you notice these moments and appreciate them.  What else does one do while they’re stuck on the side of the road with a busted up fender waiting for the police to arrive?  Play Words with Friends on your iPhone?  She did that too.

Later that evening Beth went for a run and saw a white squirrel.  The end.


Yup, that’s all I got.  Hey, there’s a reason I’m not a professional writer.  🙂

Here is a picture I tried to take of the squirrel but it was too high up to really get him.IMG_0492

In other news – I can’t get MapMyRun to work with my Apple watch!  Grr.  I’m experimenting with Strava and Nike Apps.  Will keep you posted.


Hope everyone had a great week!

Have you ever had one of those “how did I even get here?” moments?  

Have you ever thought about what you would tell your younger self if you could go back in time?


3 thoughts on “And Then it Hit Me… Literally

  1. How scary!! – I’m glad you’re ok!! That apple watch looks mighty fancy. I’d offer suggestions on troubleshooting, but I’m still rocking a flip phone, so… yeah. If I could go back in time, I’d tell my younger self to become a nurse the first time I went to college, and not mess around with multiple degrees and oodles of student loans. Ugh. Live and learn, I guess!

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  2. So glad you’re okay! Reminds me of a fender bender I had way back in the day. I was distracted by a guy wandering down the sidewalk singing at the top of his lungs and ended up giving the car in front of me a tap. Luckily, there was no damage to either vehicle. As an added bonus, the older couple driving it were amazing at talking down 20-year-old me who I think behaved a lot like the girl that hit you. Luckily, I haven’t had another encounter to see how I might behave these days but I’m hoping 30 brings me some maturity. I can’t imagine hysterical looks very good on me now. 😉

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