Recover or Risk It?

If there’s one thing I hate to hear it’s “you can’t”.  But what if the “you can’t” is coming from your doctor?  I had some oral surgery yesterday and was really dismayed when the doctor told me to suspend working out for 5 days.  This might not seem like a big deal but so far I have a perfect streak going and have not missed a single workout in the past 10 weeks!  I was super psyched about that.  I’m also afraid if I miss one, I open myself up to skipping more.  I don’t want to open that door of “well, I did it that other time, so I can skip this one too”.

I just feel like a little kid and want to stomp my foot and yell “it’s not fair!”.  Taking 5 days off was not mentioned at all in the pre-op meeting.  If it were I could have snuck in a few workouts before, a few after and still been generally fine.  Now I feel like I need to either skip workouts or risk “pain and bleeding” (neither of which sound like fun).

Advice?  What would you do?


9 thoughts on “Recover or Risk It?

  1. I’d walk. You can take it a little easy but still keep moving. I think it depends on how you feel, but them I get told I’m not a very compliant patient. And my husband is a nurse!

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  2. You poor thing. Please follow your doctor’s advice, though. Surgery — even simple and nowhere near your legs — is no joke. Take the time off, get back at it when you’re feeling better, and believe me, it won’t lead to slacking. I’d even be careful with the walking, honestly. You won’t lose that much fitness, and your body needs to work on healing right now.

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  3. Oh my.. if you can talk after surgery, you surely could use some light exercises. 😉 Biking/spinning and the walking suggestions would do! Or take your dog for a walk. Forget the speed work for a while but keep the body moving! 🙂

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