ABD in One Year

September 2012 I started my Ph.D., this was my Facebook status update “AH! Writing my first paper in 8 years. What did I get myself into??”.  It’s been a long three years and there’s still a long road ahead but one year from now, if all goes as planned, I will be starting my dissertation research.  February 1st, 2016.

So what exactly needs to happen between now and February 1st 2016?  A lot.  The most daunting of which is this: Comprehensive exams (comps) during marathon training.  If I keep all my ducks in a row though, I should be starting to taper my training for the marathon when I start my comps.  I had a momentary panic attack today when I realized how close I am to the end of this whole big Ph.D. thing.  Yes, I still have 4 classes left…and then some big tests…and then the really big paper but other than that I’m almost done!  Seriously though, I’m now legitimately more than half way there and that feels good.  One year from now, I’ll be All But Dissertation (ABD) and done with college coursework.  That’s a darn fine feeling if you ask me.


6 thoughts on “ABD in One Year

  1. You’ll probably have to make some choices when you get about 6 – 8 weeks out from the race since you’ll be in your most intense part of your training.

    I would suggest that if it comes a choice between your other workouts and running (obviously school preempts all) that running has to take precedence. Also, one thing which will be very important:

    No makeups! Especially for your shorter weekday runs. If you have 4 runs scheduled and you can’t get one in…don’t alter your schedule to put it in. The weekend long run is a pretty important run but since its the weekend its easiest to get that one in. But missing a run here or there will not affect your race day performance in any meaningful way.

    Trying to “make it up” can definitely cause injury.


    • Thanks for the words of wisdom. I need to get better about that and just pick a lane, and the lane has to be running. 🙂 I know I’ll probably need to back off of the other stuff when I get closer. I just want it all! I keep thinking I can do ALL the workouts! But to be honest I’m feeling a little overwhelmed and like I’m burning the candle at both ends as it is. Will need to figure out how to train smarter by May/June.


  2. Haha great point David! I hear tapering is the hardest part. From where I’m sitting now it seems like it would be the easy part to run less knowing you’ve already survived your hardest training runs. We shall see though. 🙂


    • We’ll see what happens when you’re 2 or 3 weeks out and your training plan says “run less” 😉 Its a big mental thing to trust your training doesn’t evaporate in just a couple weeks and your body actually needs that time.

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