Strengths of Strength Training

On the road to 26.2 I’ve been advised that strength training cannot be forgotten or saved for something to do later.  I started lifting weights this past May and have (very much to my surprise!) found it to be pretty beneficial.  I am starting to see muscle definition, my metabolism is up and my running speed has actually increased as well!  A year ago I thought strength training was pointless until I had lost every little bit of fat and was super skinny since I didn’t think I’d be able to see any muscle under the fat I still wanted to lose. IMG_0046

So when does one find time to do said weight lifting?  Lunch hour.  Five times a week.  Goes something like this: 5 minute drive to the gym – 5 minutes to change – 30 minutes exercise – 5 minutes to shower – 10 minutes to change/fix hair – 5 minutes to drive back to the office.

One sad little side effect: No matter how much I try to fix the hair it’s never quite right.  So I give it 5 minutes and then it is what it is, whatever that is.  And what it is is usually a mess.  A couple co-workers say they can tell when I’ve been to the gym by my hair (thank goodness not by smell!).  Small price to pay but the health and strength benefits are well worth it. 🙂

Hit a PR on my straight leg deadlift today.  40 pounds!  Not a lot in comparison to some but it took me a while to work up to that.  Feeling good about my progress and happy to be back to the normal routine after the holidays.


7 thoughts on “Strengths of Strength Training

  1. For the hair…dry shampoo. It can hide grease/sweat, add volume if your hair goes flat, or help your hair hold together better if you’re pulling it back/up. Batiste is a good brand with a ton of scents; Herbal Essences is pretty good too. My younger sister is a dancer and she used to keep a brush and a can of Pssst! in her shoe bag for just in case. Super simple fix!

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  2. I’ve been doing the weight training now for 18 months and its really been a big help in my running & tri training. I see you also go to LA Fitness…I love that place.

    What marathon are you targeting? Also, if I might suggest signing up for another race that’s a couple months after the marathon. Many people go through post marathon blues after hitting their goal and basically stop running.

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    • Nice to see another LA Fitness member! I absolutely love it. I see a personal trainer once a week who is really great and gives me homework for the rest of my week. I also travel around the Minneapolis metro for work and they have one in a 5 mile radius of every location. So super convenient!

      Targeting the Twin Cities Medtronic Marathon in October. I’m unsure if it’s a lottery or not though. My backup would be the Sioux Falls Marathon in September. And what a great tip about signing up for a race after the 26.2! I had honestly never even thought about what’s after it. I do have a couple HM races scheduled on the way to practice pace etc. but I love the idea of getting signed up something after the big day.


      • I’ve had the same trainer at my LA Fitness for 18 months now. I go anywhere from 1 – 3 times a week with him depending on work/travel. Sometimes if I go in and he’s working out with friends I’ll just join them. Free training! I can’t complain. Mine is less than a mile away from my house and there’s plenty of them on the road when I travel. The pool for swimming is so money.

        And I’m also potentially considering the Twin Cities! I am pretty sure its a lottery since I was talking about it with a buddy recently. Y’all are so lucky up there. The city is so friendly to runners and cyclists. Down here in Florida everyone and everything tries to kill you when you go out to train.

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